Law and/or Economics student assistant for cybercrime and cybersecurity

Erasmus School of Law
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The challenge:

Almost every day we hear it on the news: massive cyber attacks that disrupt banks, individuals and other organizations. But what are the costs of cybercrime? How much are companies willing to pay for
security advice? And what is the transparency regarding cybersecurity? And which metrics are available to identify the cost of cybercrime on a sector level?

Currently there is a lack of understanding regarding the cost of cybercrime and the benefits of
investments in cybersecurity.

A joint initiative between Leiden, Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) started an innovative
research project on the cost of cybercrime and transparency regarding cybersecurity. There is a lot of
freedom and responsibility in this project, and the potential scientific impact is high.


We are looking for two student assistants to get more insight in the cost of cybercrime in the region The Hague by doing empirical ‘on the ground’ research. You will amongst others interview companies and institutions regarding their cybersecurity policy and scrutinize public or company data regarding the cost of cybercrime and develop metrics for transparency regarding cybersecurity policy.

What we seek:
● Proven ability to go beyond the obvious. This research hence also involves making calls and
asking for scientific clarity.
● Ability to work in a multidisciplinary environment. You will mainly work with colleagues with a
legal, economic a technical background
● Responsible and independent working habits
● Eagerness to dig into unexplored scientific territory

What we offer:
● Participation in a joint initiative between Leiden, Delft and EUR. The cybersecurity market
proves to be an unexplored scientific territory.
● The source material which is co-created by your support can be used in various ways, for
instance for the design of a master thesis.
● Also, the cyber security market is growing very fast, and there is a shortage of skilled personnel,
both from a legal and economics perspective. In the interviews you undertake you can increase
your knowledge of cyber security.
● Salary according to the EUR student assistant norms, 1-2 days per week during 6-12 months.
● Flexible work hours.
● A (shared) work office at EUR (if COVID allows).

Background legal student assistant:

Bachelor in/Doing masters in:
● Law
● Financial law
● Law & Economics

Background economic/econometric student assistant:

Bachelor in/Doing masters in:
● Econometrics
● Risk
● Mathematics
● Informatics

In order to apply for this position, send a C.V. and a short motivation letter (max 200 words) to before April 28th.